Low Blom

Designer | Mårten Cyrén

The Blom series by Mårten Cyrén has become popular and used in many different contexts. The low model was developed after discussions with customers. It complements the Blom family with a low container featuring a generous planting area, providing excellent visibility of the plants without compromising on planting depth. In terms of form, Mårten Cyrén has focused on giving the container's six segments a powerful and dynamic volume.

Low Blom


For companies, municipalities and churches please contact us at byarum@byarumsbruk.se for a quote.

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Diameter 124 cm
Height 43 cm

48 kg

Cast Iron Finish
Natural (raw aluminum)
Black Lacquered

Optional Features
Custom RAL Color Available upon Request

The container is part of the Blom series, along with Small Blom, Blom, Large Blom, and Wide Blom. The containers are delivered with drainage holes at the bottom.


Götaplatsen, Göteborg

Low Blom