Large Blom & Wide Blom

Designer | Mårten Cyrén

The principle and design behind the sectional structure of Mårten Cyrén’s Blom range make it possible to build really large plant pots. Large Blom is a planter with a decent height and generous diameter. With its low height and large planting area, Wide Blom allows the contents to be viewed both up close and from a distance. The relatively large gap between the base and the outer edge of the container makes Wide Blom look as if it is floating. Casting the sections is one challenge; joining them together, another. The design of the base allows for convenient forklift handling.

Large Blom & Wide Blom


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Large Blom
Diameter 125 cm
Height 81 cm

Wide Blom
Diameter 166 cm
Height 42 cm

Large Blom 150 kg
Wide Blom 80 kg

Cast Iron Finish
Natural (raw aluminum)
Black Lacquered

Optional Features
Custom RAL Color Available upon Request

The containers are part of the Blom series, consisting of four planters of different sizes named Small Blom, Blom, Large Blom, and Wide Blom. The containers are delivered with drainage holes at the bottom.

Large Relief & Small Relief




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Large Blom & Wide Blom,Karl XL

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Large Blom & Wide Blom