Lessebo table

Designer | Björn Alge

Björn Alge designed this table with inspiration from the Lessebo seat, which originated in 1840. The robust wood combines with recycled aluminium to give the table a superb look.

Lessebo table


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  • Length: 160 cm
  • Depth: 75 cm
  • Height: 72 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg

Casting Design - Base:

  • Natural (raw aluminum)
  • Black Lacquered

Tabletop Design:

  • Ribbed wood

Optional Features:

  • Black lacquered wood
  • Other lengths, wood types, and colors available

The product is part of the Lessebo series, which includes a sofa, bench, and table. The table is prepared for ground anchoring.

Lessebo bench
Lessebo sofa


Kulturhuset Spira, Jönköping

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