Lessebo sofa

Designer | Björn Alge

This park seat was originally made at Lessebo Bruk, more than 170 years ago. Until 1886, this well-known paper mill was an ironworks, where production of this beautiful seat began in around 1840. With the stubbornness for which the region is renowned, Byarums Bruk stuck to the original sand-casting technique, enabling us to resume production of the Lessebo seat in 1988, 102 years after the ironworks in Lessebo ceased operations. Its design and dimensions are as beautiful today as they were then.

Lessebo sofa


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Length 200 cm
Depth 65 cm
Height 84 cm
Seat Height 43 cm
Weight 50 kg

Casting Design
Natural (raw aluminum)
Black Lacquered

Wooden Design
Green Lacquered Pine
Oiled Mahogany
Oiled Oak

Optional Features
Double sofa, with three sides, length 395 cm
Circular sofa according to customer specifications
Increased seat height to 45, 46 or 48 cm
Extended armrest
Cast emblem mounted on the cross brace
Black lacquered wood
Other lengths, wood types, and colors available

The product is part of the Lessebo series, which includes a sofa, bench, and table. The sofa is prepared for ground anchoring.

Lessebo bench
Lessebo table


Rådhustorget Helsingborg

Lessebo sofa


Lessebo sofa

Höganäs Kommun

Byarum,Lessebo sofa,Karl XL

Millesgården, Stockholm

Byarum sofa,Lessebo sofa

Pauliskolan, Malmö

Lessebo sofa

Ängelholm Kommun

Byarum sofa,Byarum,Lessebo bench,Karl,Lessebo sofa

Rosersbergs slottspark

Lessebo sofa,Domino