Small Blom & Blom

Designer | Mårten Cyrén

Blom is a generous planter with real height. Small Blom has a generous planting area in relation to its base and height and is intended for both the garden and entrances to hotels, restaurants and shops. With the Blom series, Mårten Cyrén has gone for an organic form with a husk-like character, based on an idea where several sections are joined together to form a single unit. The joints and intersections give the form a distinctive feel and combine with the strong rim to keep the soil and plants in place.

Small Blom & Blom

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Small Blom
Diameter 74 cm
Height 53 cm

Diameter 69 cm
Height 81 cm

Small Blom 27 kg
Blom 57 kg

Cast Iron Finish
Natural (raw aluminum)
Black Lacquered

Optional Features
Custom RAL Color Available upon Request

The containers are part of the Blom series, consisting of four planters of different sizes named Small Blom, Blom, Large Blom, and Wide Blom. The containers are delivered with drainage holes at the bottom.

Large Relief & Small Relief


Stadshuset, Stockholm

Small Blom & Blom